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Randy Lacklander
Randy LacklanderIowa Farmer
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We added ManureMagic® to the pits of each of our grower/finisher barns and within a few weeks the odor was cut by 50-75%. Being on the west side of a major highway, we wanted to remain proactive with odor control. We have been looking for something to help us with odor, and I think we've found the answer. ManureMagic® is easy to work with and has a pleasant smell. We strongly recommend ManureMagic®.
Brent Frey
Brent FreyOwner of Frey Pork Production
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There was little to no crusting in the ManureMagic® barn… It took a lot less time to agitate and to get a thorough mixture.
Jake Grodahl
Jake GrodahlPork Producer in North West Iowa
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We have been using ManureMagic® for three years. Even our neighbors have noticed that less odor is coming from the barns and during manure application to the fields.
Mike Johnson
Mike JohnsonFarmer
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ManureMagic® solved the odor issues that had been giving me headaches for 20 years. I couldn't recommend it more.
Steve Kruse
Steve KruseMSR Kruse Farm LTD
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I’ve been pumping manure pits for years. Recently, I had the opportunity to trial ManureMagic® in two side-by-side barns. After a whole season, I pumped both barns. The barn treated with ManureMagic® took 20% less time than the untreated one, and yielded more manure. The difference was really astounding! ManureMagic® is a real time saver.

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